• Migrating Existing Datastores cover photo

    Migrating Existing Datastores

    At Grab we take pride in creating solutions that impact millions of people in Southeast Asia and as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. As an app with 55 million downloads and 1.2 million drivers, it's our responsibility to keep our systems up-and-running. Any downtime causes drivers to miss earning and passengers to miss their appointments.
  • So You Need To Hire Good Engineers cover photo

    So You Need To Hire Good Engineers

    If you are in a fast growing tech startup, you're probably actively interviewing and hiring engineers to scale teams. My question to you is, what hiring strategy are you using when interviewing engineering warriors?
  • Come and #hackallthethings at Grab cover photo

    Come and #hackallthethings at Grab

    For the longest time, security has been at the center of our priorities. There’s nothing more self-evident about the trust our millions of driving partners and customers put in Grab. We strive everyday to build the best tools available to ensure their data stays secure.
  • How We Scaled Our Cache and Got a Good Night's Sleep

    Caching is arguably the most important and widely used technique in computer industry, from CPU to Facebook live videos, cache is everywhere.
  • Grab's Front End Study Guide cover photo

    Grab's Front End Study Guide

    Grab is Southeast Asia (SEA)’s leading transportation platform and our mission is to drive SEA forward, leveraging on the latest technology and the talented people we have in the company. As of May 2017, we handle 2.3 million rides daily and we are growing and hiring at a rapid scale. To keep up with Grab’s phenomenal growth, our web team and web platforms have to grow as well. Fortunately, or unfortunately, at Grab, the web team has been keeping up with the latest best practices and has incorporated the modern JavaScript ecosystem in our web apps.

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