• Deep Dive Into iOS Automation At Grab - Continuous Delivery

    This is the second part of our series "Deep Dive into iOS Automation at Grab", where we will cover how we manage continuous delivery. As a common solution to Apple developer account device whitelist limitation, we use an enterprise account to distribute beta apps internally. There are 4 build configurations per target.
  • Deep Dive Into iOS Automation At Grab - Integration Testing

    This is the first part of our series "Deep Dive Into iOS Automation At Grab", where we will cover testing automation in the iOS team. Over the past two years at Grab, the iOS passenger app team has grown from 3 engineers in Singapore to 20 globally. Back then, each one of us was busy shipping features and had no time to set up a proper automation process.
  • A Key Expired In Redis, You Won't Believe What Happened Next

    One of Grab's more popular caching solutions is Redis (often in the flavour of the misleadingly named ElastiCache), and for most cases, it works. Except for that time it didn't. Follow our story as we investigate how Redis deals with consistency on key expiration.
  • How Grab Hires Engineers In Singapore

    Working at Grab will be the “most challenging yet rewarding opportunity” any employee will ever encounter.
  • Battling with Tech Giants for the World's Best Talent

    Grab steadily attracts a diverse set of engineers from around the world in its three R&D centres in Singapore, Seattle, and Beijing. Right now, half of Grab’s top leadership team is made up of women and we have attracted people from five continents to work together on solving the biggest challenges for Southeast Asia.

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