Launched in 2015, Grab’s Security bug bounty programme has achieved remarkable success and forged strong partnerships within a thriving bounty community. By holding quarterly campaigns with HackerOne, Grab has been dedicated to security and giving back to the global security community to research further. Over the years, Grab has paid over $700,000 in cumulative payments to committed security researchers, aiding their research.

Our journey doesn’t stop there – we’ve also expanded our internal bug bounty team, ensuring that we have the necessary resources to stay at the forefront of security challenges. As we continue to innovate and evolve, it’s critical that our team remains at the cutting edge of security developments.

Marking its eighth year in 2023, this initiative has achieved new milestones and continues to set the stage for an even more successful ninth year. In 2023, this included a special campaign in Threatcon Nepal, aimed at increasing our bounty engagements. A key development was the enrichment of monetary incentives to honour our hacker community’s remarkable contributions to our programme’s success.

Let’s look at the key takeaways we gained from the bug bounty programme in 2023.

Highlights from 2023

This year, we had some of the highest participation and engagement rates we’ve seen since the programme launched.

  • We’ve processed ~1000 submissions through our HackerOne bug bounty programme.
  • Impressive record of 400 submissions in the Q1 2023 campaign.
  • We’ve maintained a consistent schedule of campaigns and innovative efforts to enhance hacker engagement.
  • Released a comprehensive report of our seven-year bug bounty journey – check out some key highlights in the image below.

What’s next?

As Grab expands and transforms its product and service portfolio, we are dedicated to ensuring that our bug bounty programme reflects this growth. In our rigorous pursuit of boosting security, we regularly introduce new areas of focus to our scope. In 2024, expect the inclusion of new scopes, enhanced response times, heightened engagement from the hacker community, and more competitive rewards.

In the past year, we have incorporated Joint Ventures and Acquisitions into the scope of our bug bounty programme. By doing so, we proactively address emerging security challenges, while fortifying the safety and integrity of our expanding ecosystem. We remain fully dedicated to embracing change and growth as integral parts of our journey to provide a secure and seamless experience for our users.

On top of that, we continue to improve our methods of motivating researchers through the bug bounty programme. One recent change is to diversify our reward methods by incorporating both financial rewards and recognition. This allows us to cater to different researcher motivations, cultivate stronger relationships, and acknowledge researchers’ contributions.

That said, we recognise that there’s always room for improvement and the bug bounty programme is uniquely poised for substantial expansion. In the near future, we will be:

  • Introducing more elements to the scope of our bug bounty programme
  • Enhancing feedback loops on the HackerOne platform

With these improvements, we can drive continuous improvement efforts to provide a secure experience for our users while strengthening our connection with the security research community.

A word of thanks

2023 has been an exhilarating year for our team. We’re grateful for the continued support from all the security researchers who’ve actively participated in our programme.

Here are the top three researchers in 2023:

  1. Damian89 
  2. Happy_csr 
  3. mclaren650sspider 

As we head into our ninth year, we know there are new opportunities and challenges that await us. We strive to remain dedicated to the values of collaboration and continuous improvement, working hand in hand with the security community to enhance our superapp’s security and deliver an even safer experience for our users.

We’re gearing up for another exciting year ahead in our programme, and looking forward to interesting submissions from our participants. We extend an open invitation to all researchers to submit reports to our bug bounty programme. Your contributions hold immense value and have a significant impact on the safety and security of our products, our users, and the broader security community. For comprehensive information about the programme scope, rules, and rewards, visit our website.

Until next year, keep up the great work, and happy hacking!

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