In the fast-paced world of on-demand delivery, maintaining safe marketplaces is a complex undertaking. Grab, a leading superapp in Southeast Asia, operates GrabFood and GrabMart, two popular marketplaces that connect consumers with a wide range of food and daily necessities. With more than 100k listings for different items updated daily by our merchants across eight different countries, Grab is rising to the challenge of ensuring that its marketplaces remain compliant with its own policies, government regulations as well as platform policies.

This article explores how Grab employs a combination of automated and manual content moderation to manage its dynamic marketplace content efficiently, while also collaborating with Google to ensure marketplace safety.

Dynamic Marketplace Landscape

Marketplaces like GrabFood and GrabMart are at the forefront of connecting merchants and consumers. These marketplaces provide an avenue for merchants to showcase their offerings, enabling consumers to conveniently access a plethora of on-demand options. However, in an environment characterized by rapid changes as well as evolving regulatory frameworks, maintaining the integrity of these marketplaces becomes a formidable task.

Scale and Flexibility: A Dual Challenge

The cornerstone of Grab’s success lies in its ability to adapt to the unique regulations and requirements of each country it operates in. This necessitates a nuanced and multifaceted approach to content moderation. To achieve both scale and flexibility, Grab employs a proactive strategy that combines and leverages automated and manual moderation processes.

Automated Moderation

Automated moderation plays a pivotal role in efficiently managing the high volume of listings that undergo daily updates. Grab utilises advanced algorithms and machine learning technologies, built in-house, to scan listings everyday for potential violations of its own policies, government regulations and platform policies. This automation not only speeds up the process to put eligible listings on the Grab platform, but also ensures consistent adherence to predefined guidelines. However, automated moderation is not without its limitations, as contextual understanding and subjective judgment often require human intervention.

Manual Moderation

Recognising the nuanced nature of content moderation, Grab employs a team of human moderators who possess the cultural awareness and contextual understanding necessary to assess complex cases. These moderators review listings flagged by algorithms and machine learning technologies that require human judgment, ensuring that content aligns with Grab’s policies, local regulations as well as platform policies. Manual moderation adds a layer of human insight that automated systems may lack, contributing to a more accurate and contextually sensitive approach.

In its commitment to ensuring marketplace safety, Grab has also established a strong collaboration with Google. Grab works hand in hand with Google to collectively ensure adherence to Play Store policies and guidelines.


  • Programme Management: Poonam Gambhire, Shuyang Sun
  • Product: Chris Collard
  • Engineering: Shuya Ding, Kirubakaran Duraisamy, Xu Chen


  • Play Policy: Siddhartha Paul Tiwari
  • Business Development: Mika Igarashi

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